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Portable Toilet Hire

EST 1999


Portable Toilet Hire

EST 1999

The home of quality portable toilet hire

Luxury Toilet Hire

Terms and Conditions

  • Our Hire Agreement must be signed and faxed to us prior to the delivery date OR
  • Our Hire Agreement must be signed and handed to the delivery driver upon delivery.


Hire period terms


A single hire period covers the hire of a luxury toilet trailer unit for an 8 Hour period only, this is for health and hygeine reasons. Should you require the hire period to be longer than 8 hours then this MUST be booked prior to delivery. Your hire period will begin and end at the times discussed during the booking and must be adhered to.


Please note: We CANNOT leave the hired product(s) without first having our Hire Agreement signed.


Please read the following information carefully before hiring toilet facilities with SJS Toilet Hire:




All business is conducted in accordance with these Conditions of Hire unless otherwise amended by the “Company”.




The “Company” means SJS Toilet Hire or their sub-contractors and agents. The “Hirer” means the person, persons or their representatives hiring the “Equipment” from the “Company”. The “Equipment” means mobile toilets, other mobile or static unit, facilities and equipment including all fixtures and fittings.


The Site and Access Thereto


The hire charges are based on the assumption that the site is flat level and solid standing with suitable access for the “Equipment” and associated motor vehicles.


The “Hirer” warrants that the vehicles and “Equipment belonging to the Company” will have suitable access, free from all overhead obstructions, trees, hedges etc. and without buried pipes or other concealed services that may suffer damage occasioned by the transport, use, erection/installation and/or dismantling/removal of the “Equipment”.


The “Hirer” will solely be responsible for all damage to the surface, cultivation and/or concealed pipes of the site.


The “Company” reserves the right to charge for any damage caused to vehicles and “Equipment” belonging to the company due to unsatisfactory site conditions and/or



The “Company” reserves the right to make additional charges in connection with delivery/collection, for delays caused by unsuitable site conditions and/or soft ground due to inclement weather or any other condition. Current rate of £20 + VAT per hour/part hour willbe charged without prejudice. Please note: One hour maximum site time is

allowed for delivery and collection.


If collection of the "Equipment" is delayed beyond the recorded date for any reason i.e. marquee restricting access, inclement weather, etc, the "Company" reserves the right to charge for additional hire at the rate of 15% per day of quoted daily hire charge or a full rental rate if a subsequent order cannot be fulfilled due to non- availability of the unit (whichever being appropriate).


The “Company” will not be responsible for making good or repairing any damage to the site howsoever caused.


The Hirer


The “Hirer” shall be responsible for supplying electricity to the “Equipment” of 240 volts and installing any connections required to additional mains services where necessary, unless otherwise agreed and charged.

The “Hirer” shall ensure no artificial heating and/or lighting i.e. candles are used in the “Equipment” without the “Company’s” written consent.


The “Hirer” shall indemnify the “Company” against third party claims and is advised to

take out adequate insurance to cover all possible claims. The “Company” accepts no liability whatsoever in respect of third party claims or for consequential loss or damage

of any kind.


The “Hirer” will allow the “Company” reasonable access to the “Equipment” during the hire period. The “Equipment” remains the property of the “Company” at all times.


The “Hirer” will not sublet or rehire the “Equipment” without the written permission of

the “Company”.


The “Hirer” shall not move the “Equipment” from the site or position it was delivered or consigned to without agreement in writing by the “Company”.


The period of hire and maximum numbers utilizing the “Equipment” areas specified on

the company website and in company literature.


The “Company” accepts no liability for malfunction of the equipment if the duration of

the hire or numbers utilizing the “Equipment” exceeds that stated on any

correspondence, in company literature or on


Hire Charges and Payment


The hire charge and delivery and collection charges for the “Equipment” are as

specified in the quotation. For event hire, bookings are only accepted and confirmed

on receipt of a non-refundable 50% deposit. Final delivery of the unit(s) is subject to

full payment of all hire costs being received by the “Company” one week before



Long-Term hire is subject to a minimum hire period of 28 days, with the first 28 days

hire period payable in advance of delivery. The “Company” reserves the right to charge interest and temporarily suspend its service for accounts that fall outside the payment

terms as stated on the Invoice.

Credit accounts are subject to status at the “Company’s” discretion and can be

revoked at any time.


“Equipment” will only be collected once all outstanding Invoices have been paid by the “Hirer”. The full cost of the hire is payable if the hire is terminated by the “Hirer” within

30 days of the hire date specified on the booking form or Invoice.


Insurance and Responsibility for Lost, Stolen or Damaged Equipment


The “Hirer” agrees to pay the “Company” the full replacement cost of any “Equipment”, which is lost, stolen or damaged beyond economic, repair and should insure the goods

on this basis.


Damage Waiver Insurance can be purchased by the “Hirer” to cover any replacement

costs as outlined above.


Non Returned, Lost, Stolen, Damaged or Unclean Equipment


The “Hirer” accepts full responsibility for the care and safekeeping

and return in good order of the “Equipment”. The “Hirer” will pay to

the “Company” all costs incurred by the “Company” in rectifying the condition of any “Equipment” returned damaged or unreasonably dirty.


Additionally the “Hirer” will pay to the “Company” a charge equating to the financial

loss to the “Company” until such rectification is complete.


Acceptance of the “Equipment” on site by the “Hirer” shall in itself constitute

acceptance in full of the above Conditions of Hire.

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Covering Sussex

01273 486839


Portable Toilet Hire

EST 1999


Portable Toilet Hire

EST 1999

Covering Sussex

01273 486839

Copyright © 2001 - 2016 SJS Toilet Hire. All rights reserved. E&OE

Covering Sussex

01273 486839


Portable Toilet Hire

EST 1999